The Brass Hand is home to many artists and curators, all vetted for their values and their eye for beautiful things.
Meet FE MILYER, our good friends and resident vintage dealers:

As the seasons change, we change.

For those of you who know us, you know FE MILYER started off as a duo, myself (Marla) and my partner,  Pol (aka P). P was an integral part of getting this whole thing going. As most creative folks know, self doubt is the secret ingredient to all works of love, and he really gassed me up to get this damn thing going. And let’s just say, he put in a lot of support and sweat equity into FE MILYER growing to be what it is now. The brand has always sort of been my baby, and P has been the most epic support system through it all. 

On a personal level, FE MILYER has been such a fun way for us to get to know each other differently. Our fun little quirks in the treasures we each love. The colors and styles we're drawn to… and the ones we're not. The way we work together, and what each of us brings to the table. 
We did our first market not knowing a lick about what we were doing.

 Marla and Pol at their first market at 700 Bryden Olde Towne East

FE MILYER's First market 700 Bryden in OTE


A connection of ours was hosting an outdoor market and insisted we just “pop up, it’s no big deal!!”. And so, at the tail end of Summer 2020 we did just that. Just two tables, no tent, in the blazing sun on the blacktop (and if you know Ohio summers, that's a toasty hell- no…but there we were!). I remember having (what I considered at the time) a higher priced item, and I was so nervous people would think we’re crazy for the price we put on it. 
SURPRISE! It was the first item that sold, and without any hesitation from the buyer.

From then on, we just rode this fun wild ride hosting IG Drops, going from market to market,  and eventually landing an in-store spot with the one and only,
The Brass Hand. 
Last year was truly wild for us. We started off the market season off with a 5 time record breaking market (Hello SOL614 from The Brass Hand), and then ended the year with a market where a wind storm wiped out over $1200 worth of inventory. It was quite a roller coaster to say the least. With the over-saturation, drastic changes in the market scene, it was clear to us that it’s time to re-evaluate. 

So, 2023 is the year of the pivot for FE MILYER (and for both of us on a personal level.. But we’ll get to that in our stories soon) The focus will be on goods in store at The Brass Hand and occasional IG Drops. As of now, there are no laid plans to participate in markets locally, and P will grow to be minimally involved, as FE MILYER moves forward. Don’t worry though, I’ll still capture his intoxicating smile on the gram from time to time for y'all, especially since you won’t get a
chance to catch us at markets this year ;) 

I’d be lying if I said I won’t be romanticizing over the markets we’ve been a part of... we’ve been blessed with several delicious seasons of them, and I’ll be forever grateful for that. And for now, we’re being called in another direction. 

Welcome to a new era of FE MILYER. 

Forever with gratitude. 
xx, Marla


 Marla posing in a chair surrounded by plants, with a cactus she potted.



Describe what you sell and how you came up with your name?

Originally we wanted our brand name to be Spanish, honoring our Mexican roots. As we started playing with words I just kept getting hit with visceral feelings of being in my abuelito's home. In my youth, their home held so much magic and
love for me. The nostalgia took over, and as we started to source our first round of goods, everything sort of reflected the essence of the familiar memories, dreams, visions, and places. And that was just it, we wanted the items we sourced to bring up those same feelings for folks... the feeling of something familiar... but in our true nature, we had to add a little flare to it. When we looked up the word  familiar we found the pronunciation was FE MILYER... and there FE MILYER, as y'all know it, was born.

FE MILYER really serves as a dreamscape of my inner fantasy world. The aim is that everything feels a little moody, dreamy, rich, and at times, romantic. There will always be elements that nod to our motherland, Mexico. We’re also a little eclectic and weird, so you’ll find sprinklings of quirky lil wildcard pieces... oh and smoke trays... Goodness knows we love a good smoke tray, for whatever your heart fancies to smoke ;) 


Baby Marla in her abuleito’s back yard, taking a bath

"Baby Marla in my abuleito’s back yard, taking a bath" 

How did you get started in vintage dealing?

FE MILYER was something I feel like I was called to do for sometime. Growing up in thrift stores, I learned how to spot the “cool stuff” that my mom wouldn’t be mad at paying for. And later in life, I learned I could create fun and unique spaces using significantly less funds than mainstream stores demanded. When the pandemic hit, and we all stayed at home, garage sales and outdoor flea markets pressed on once summer hit, so my partner (P) and I started pursuing them as a way to get out of the house. Slowly, I started collecting more and more fun finds, and then with a loving nudge from P, we did our first IG Drop. Everything sold out instantly- and later that week we did our first market. It was and has been a bit of a whirlwind. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


What is your favorite find ever, or something you found but had to keep for yourself?

Ugh, there are so many. Truthfully, everything celestial or zodiac related I kick myself for selling. I usually try to find space in our home for things I’m obsessed with, and if I can’t make it work, then it goes to the people, to love. 
My current favorite finds have to be these early 1900’s viewfinder photographs of Mexico. They’re just so special. 




What do you do for fun outside of vintage dealing?

Outside of the vintage world, I’m a yoga teacher and while I get paid to do it, it’s definitely high up on my list of things that bring me joy. Other things that bring me joy, that I don’t get paid for: for sure dance parties and shows, I recently took up pole and I’m obsessed(!), plant therapy, tarot (and all things metaphysical), and truly just shooting the shit and being silly with my loved ones. Oh my gosh, and how could I forget- laying around with my cat-sons! 

Marla laying on her back, on a mat. Feet together, arms on her stomach and chest, focusing on her calm breath.


Aside from The Brass Hand, where else can we find FE MILYER? 

This year we’re reigning it in and shifting our focus on IG Drops and keeping our space at The Brass Hand filled with treasures. As of now, we don’t have plans to participate in any markets- and who knows, never say never ya know... We might bust our tent out randomly if we feel called to it. So keep those eyes peeled on our IG to secure those treasures and visit us in store at The Brass Hand to get your FE MILYER fix :)

Marla and Pol in The Brass Hand, holding plants.




Shop an exclusive selection of FE MILYER 
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Vintage Frosted Pony Glasses Set

Vintage Frosted Pony Glasses
Set of 8

Stained Glass Treasure Box

Vintage Stained Glass Treasure Box


Sterling & Turquoise Money Clip


Vintage Nevco Stool


 Sterling & moss agate ring

Sterling & Moss Agate Ring


1960s LE SMITH amber canisters