Large Rare Boobie Cactus


This listing is for a LARGE Rare Boobie Cactus. 

Scientific name: Myrtillocactus geometrizans 'Fukurokuryuzinboku'

Specimen size: 10” height, comes in a nursery pot in-store, or ships bare root

An uncommon cactus, known for its resemblance to tiddddiesss! ( x )( x )

Boobie Care:
1. Your Boobie cactus craves those rays! Find a prime spot where it can bask in at least five hours of direct sunlight daily. And remember, protect it from those intense afternoon rays when it's still a cactus kid.
2. Keep things chill but cozy for your Boobie in the temperature range of 60 to 80 °F. Bring indoors when temps reach below 50 degrees.
3. Let its soil completely dry out between watering sessions during the summer groove, and ease up on the watering can during winter hibernation.
4. Create a comfy crib for your boobie with a well-draining cactus mix. Add some rocks and perlite for extra drainage. It's all about that soil balance, baby.
5. Your Boobie might bust out delicate cream-colored flowers when summer hits its peak. It's like your cactus is dropping a surprise album!
6. Boost your Boobie’s strength with diluted cactus fertilizer during spring and summer. Use our house blend fertilizer!
7. Keep an eye out for party crashers like aphids and mealy bugs. Our house blend insecticide is an easy weekly preventative!
8. Each spring is the perfect season for a repotting! Give your cactus the space it needs to spread its roots!
Boobie cacti are harmless to both you and your fur babies.

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