Small Unicorn Cactus


Scientific name: Eulychnia Castanea Spiralis

Specimen size: 10” height, comes in a nursery pot in-store, or ships bare root

This weirdo is a highly sought-after specimen, with a mythical shape like that of a unicorn horn. Always use
gloves when handling!
Unicorn Care:
1. Find a sunny spot for your unicorn cactus to bask in at least five hours of direct sunlight each day.
Shield it from intense afternoon rays when it's young.
2. Keep your unicorn cactus cozy in temperatures between 60 and 80 °F. Bring it indoors when winter temperatures drop below 50 °F.
3. Embrace the drought-tolerant nature of your unicorn cactus. Water it only when the soil has completely dried out in summer and provide minimal watering in winter to prevent dehydration.
4. Provide a well-draining mix for your unicorn cactus using a cactus blend with the option to add rocks and perlite for better drainage.
5. Although rare, your unicorn cactus may surprise you with delicate cream-colored flowers during optimal summer conditions.
6. Boost your unicorn cactus's growth by applying diluted cactus fertilizer during spring and summer—we recommend our house blend plant food.
7. Watch out for common pests like aphids and mealy bugs. Use our house blend insecticide as a weekly preventative.
8. Every one to two years, consider repotting your unicorn cactus during early spring. This can help refresh the soil and accommodate its growth.
9. Good news! Unicorn cacti are non-toxic to both humans and pets.