Brass Earth Bio Insecticide


Our all-natural insecticide provides your plants with preventative protection from pests, and a safe treatment when needed. Perfect for succulents and all houseplants.

Amber glass bottle. 8 ounces. Refills in the shop are only $5!

INGREDIENTS: thyme oil, clove oil, garlic oil, peppermint oil, corn oil, geraniol, citric acid, rosemary oil, filtered water, soap, isopropyl alcohol, vinegar 

Keep inaccessible to children and pets. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, clothing. If in eyes, flush with water. Wash hands after use.

To Use: Mist plant until foliage is dripping, including under leaves and in crevices. Use as needed or once a week as a preventative treatment.

Hand-poured and packaged in Columbus, OH.