Meet Tiata (pronouns: they/them)
of Fat Babe Creative
—a talented multidisciplinary queer artist.

Tiata's commitment to sustainability shines through their work, as they transform secondhand and vintage materials into stunning pieces of art.

But that's not all! Tiata also plays a vital role on The Brass Hand team as our E-commerce manager, bringing their creative expertise to our online presence. Get ready to be wowed by Tiata's extraordinary collection of handmade goods, meticulously crafted from upcycled vintage fabrics.
And here's the icing on the cake: every purchase from Tiata's Pride Collection directly supports their incredible artistry and talent.



How long have you been creating?
I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember. I was in art classes very young and learned I loved to draw, paint, work with clay, sew, and play with so many other mediums. Since I was a child I’ve had a love for music and learning how to read, write, and create it. I’ve been a musician for 20 years and that’s inspired so much self-confidence in honing my talents and encouraged my all-around creativity.

Who was your first queer crush?
Some early crushes were Queen Latifah as ‘Khadijah’ and Erika Alexander as ‘Max’ on ‘Living Single’. Made NO damn sense, but I did not care. 
Khadijah & Max 4ever!

How did coming out impact your creative process?
Coming out freed me. It freed my process, my constraints, freed me from white cis-heteronormative societal pressure - freed my thinking and my limits.
When I was forced fully out of the closet by relatives, I was also freed from the evangelical space and constraints. What was painful and cruel, I’ve used to breathe new life into all parts of me. I am more in-tune with who I am rather than who I felt I was supposed to be.

 Left: Tiata and their partner Kim at Otherworld.                                  Right: Tiata and Heather, owner of The Brass Hand

How did Fat Babe Creative come about? Did you have any other official projects/ventures before landing on Fat Babe Creative?
Fat Babe Creative came about in the beginning of the pandemic when I knew I was ready to start another “side” business. Not just “for fun”, but because of capitalism/socioeconomic strain. I, like many, was forced to assess my skills and hobbies and find what I could make profitable. But I have always kept sustainability at the forefront. I wanted to do something with little need for disposable items, something I could do with mostly second-hand items. I had fabrics and clothes that had piled up and, after learning about the reality of places/employers like Goodwill, I had been trying to find another use for these loved pieces. My partner’s mother had recently gifted me a new sewing machine, and I began making patterns for useful goods to make out of those “donations”. I shop for secondhand sewing notions as well!
Prior to FBC, I had always worked with sustainable fashion in one way or another. I had thrifted many items to update and resell as part of a side business in my twenties. And as a fat person, when it comes to accessible fashion, fast fashion is usually most financially accessible with options in my sizes. So I had to use my sewing skills to often mend those pieces-as they aren't quality.

What is your favorite material/color palette/medium to create with?

Some of my favorite pieces to create are often custom. Made from a shirt or fabric picked by someone wanting to keep the memories associated with that fabric, and make something useful to love again. As for colors, when I’m not working with donated fabric I am searching thrift stores for eye-catching and pattern-inspiring vintage tablecloths and curtains, pillowcases and placemats, and many other previously-used items.

How does sustainability play a role in your creative process?

My goal with FBC is to produce useful clothing and goods in ways that combat the negative effects consumer capitalism has on our environment. But, we must also acknowledge that while fast fashion may be harmful to our environment and full of unethical practices, the accessibility and affordability it offers is often our only option. I would love to see (and am trying to do my part in) a future where well and ethically made slow fashion is just as accessible. Sustainable practices have always been second nature to me. It’s more often those who are marginalized or low-income that “reduce, reuse, recycle”. Our very-present climate disaster is due to the irresponsibility and lack of empathy of greedy corporations. 

Sustainability is a part of everything I do, and especially within FBC. From the production of the goods to how they are shipped! I ship using compostable packaging.



A terrycloth tote bag, with a teal, turquoise, and pink design.


How did you become a part of The Brass Hand? What has that journey looked like for you?

Over a year ago, The Brass Hand posted a part-time position. At the time I had been working full-time in healthcare for 9 years, and it was crushing my soul on the daily. I decided to just go for it and answer all their Q’s as personally and honestly as possible. Well my weirdness didn’t scare them, it was a match!

Working at TBH gave me a safe place to be myself and be surrounded by like-minded people. I quickly fell in love with the environment Heather had created. There’s just NOTHING like it. She’s a very considerate, intentional being.
I have skills in web development and design that eventually grew into Heather creating an E-Commerce position to grow our online presence, shipping, wholesale, and general marketing. This year with Heather and TBH has been full of this beautiful, organic, and perfectly-on-time magic.

Are you taking part in any upcoming markets or projects?

I have some exciting plans to expand the range of goods I sell this year! I’ll finally be selling pants, and other clothing pieces. And I’ll be providing plus-size thrift items. I attend a lot of markets with vintage/thrift clothing vendors, but I’m rarely able to find pieces that are curated with fat people in mind. I currently don’t have any markets scheduled for the year but stay tuned into my instagram for announcements this year! I’m always dropping new items over at, so follow @fat.babe.creative  on IG to catch the drops!


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