Spiralis Cactus


Spiralis cactus

Scientific name: Cereus forbesii
Specimen size: 10” height, comes in a nursery pot in-store, or ships bare root

Incredible rare spiraling cactus, that grows relatively quickly! Always use gloves when handling!

Spiralis Care:
1. Find a sun-drenched spot for your Spiralis cactus to soak up at least five hours of direct sunlight daily.
Keep it shaded from scorching afternoon rays when it's young and delicate.
2. Create a cozy environment for your Spiralis cactus by maintaining temperatures between 60 and 80 °F.
When winter chills hit below 50 °F, bring it inside.
3. Embrace the self-sufficiency of your Spiralis cactus. Water it only when the soil has thoroughly dried
out during the summer heatwave. In winter, go easy on the watering.
4. Give your Spiralis cactus a well-draining habitat. Use a cactus blend soil mix with the option to add
rocks and perlite for optimal water flow. Let it breathe!
5. While rare, your Spiralis cactus might surprise you with delicate cream-colored flowers during the peak
of summer. It's like witnessing a magical phenomenon!
6. Boost your Spiralis cactus's growth by applying diluted cactus fertilizer during the vibrant seasons of
spring and summer. Our house blend plant food has got your cactus covered.
7. Pest Patrol: Stay vigilant against pesky invaders like aphids and mealy bugs. Keep your Spiralis cactus
bug-free by using our trusty house blend insecticide on a weekly basis.
8. Every one to two years, consider giving your Spiralis cactus a fresh start by repotting it during the early
days of spring. This not only rejuvenates the soil but also provides ample space for its growth.
9. Rest easy knowing that your Spiralis cactus poses no harm to you or your beloved pets. Spikes may be
painful to the touch, but the cactus is non-toxic.

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