Unf*ck Your Stress


Zine / pamphlet published by Microcosm!

Unfuck Your Stress: Using Science to Cope with Distress and Embrace Excitement Stressed?
Yeah, you are. Capitalism pretty much demands it. But you don't deserve to feel like you're constantly being chased by your monstrous, growing list of responsibilities, or, worse, like you have to say no to positive opportunities because you just can't take another thing. Dr. Faith offers here a brief intervention, explaining what stress actually is, how it isn't necessarily bad for you, and what exactly happens to your body when it gets out of hand. Symptoms of chronic stress and adrenal fatigue are paired with advice for talking with your doctor about what is going on with you. 
She follows this with some practical exercises for understanding and managing your own stress response, so that you can get yourself out of the quagmire of constant, mounting distress and feel excited and engaged with your life again.
• Made in United States
• Author: Dr. Faith G. Harper
• Weight: 2.08 oz (58.97 g)
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